Clutter and chaos reigned supreme in the backyard. Two kids, four bikes, one stroller, three Tonka trucks. Soccer balls and baseball mitts. Brooms, rakes, shovels, potting soil and pots. Patio furniture and a neglected turkey smoker. An exhaustive search of home improvement stores and the web yielded no low cost, compact, weatherproof solutions for storing and hiding all of the stuff scattered around our San Diego backyard. The heavy plastic storage boxes and sheds were the wrong dimensions and too expensive while their doors were a sure trap for pinching small hands trying to access toys. A permanent storage shed wasn’t an option due to limited space and budget. We also preferred to avoid assembling products that required multiple tools and over thirty minutes of valuable weekend time.Turned out that we weren’t the only ones frustrated by the lack of practical and inexpensive outdoor storage products. Tens of thousands space constrained customers have purchased YardStash products and we are committed to reinventing the outdoor storage product category. We hope our products also end your search for practical solutions that easily restore order to your backyard and help you reclaim your garage and outdoor living spaces.